von Zingler is a German bassist, guitarist, multi instrumentalist, and even multi linguist who is just as comfortable playing in front of ten people in a small jam bar as he is in front of over 1 billion at a Chinese New Year Gala; and he’s successfully done both.



from the small town of Brühl near Cologne, Bodo’s explosive stage presence and musical flexibility has taken him on a journey across the world, and he has been living and working as a musician in China for the past 15 years. In China he has created multiple bands and toured with several notable musical projects, the most commercially successful being Chinese megastar Tan Weiwei and the Beijing Guests.

Beijing Guests have played in front of sold out stages of 30,000 people, had the honor to participate in China’s Spring Festival Gala in 2016 (the most televised event in the world), and even performed at the 2018 Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony in front of an all-star assembly of celebrity guests. Yet, for Bodo music isn’t merely about the fame or the glory, it’s about the fulfillment of a project well done.

Indeed, his own discography is a testament to his mission to keep exploring and expanding his own musical and physical horizon, and features acts as diverse as rock/funk band “Eatable Freakballs,” HipHop/Ska band “Fnky Smthing,” and acclaimed international jam band “Red Water.”

live performances
  • Shanghai

  • Beijing

  • Chengdu


Bodo is back in Europe and looking to collaborate on a new musical project. He is available for studio sessions, stage performances, and is interested in starting a new musical project soon.