is a project initiated by bassist and guitarist Bodo von Zingler and drummer Mykola Timkov. Meeting 2015 during a jam session in Chengdu, both felt an inspiring musical connection. Soon they started composing together and defined the musical direction of what later should become Epíkourostan. Epíkourostan is a combination of the Greek word Epíkouros (friend, companion) and the suffix stan, often used in country names like Afghanistan. It represents an imaginary country of friends and companions. Hylozoism features a list of extremely talented guest musicians, each adding individual colour and depth to the compositions.


The Guests Are

1. Murray-James Morrison on sax, vocals, keys, and additional composition on: Thalassophile, Pranic, Too Much Isn't Good Enough, Anima Mundi
2. Artem Dubyna on keys and additional composition on: Pranic, Learning To Do More With Less, Holos Dushi
3. Gabriel Beaudoin on solo guitar, guitars and additional composition on: Anima Mundi, Holos Dushi
4. Terence Hsieh on trombone and additional composition on: Bäume Sind Die Leiter Der Kosmischen Liebe
5. Thierry Gaston Bertrand on keys and additional composition on Apeiron
6. Chen Zheng on trumpet: Orenda and Apeiron
7. Anton Hasert on violin: Orenda

All these contributions

from musicians coming from all over the world to meet in “Epíkourostan” made this album so special.“Hylozoism” is a rich and complex experience, as it represents an encounter of various cultures, shaping their own world based on friendship and creativity. Finally, this world is open for visitors and, listeners of “Epíkourostan” are welcomed with open arms.

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