Tan Weiwei is among the biggest

and most recognizable pop stars in China. She frequently sells out arenas full of 30,000 people, her hit songs “Gei Ni Yidian Yanse” and “Wu Lan Ba Tuo De Ye” have been streamed millions of times, and she is well regarded by critics and fans alike.


Bodo first met Tan Weiwei

Bodo first met Tan Weiwei in 2013 when they were both playing at the Sky music festival in Lijiang. After she listened to him play bass in his Chengdu-based Ska band “Trouble, ” she invited the band to join her on the upcoming televised band competition “New Energy Music Plan” hosted by Red Bull. At this competition Tan Weiwei witnessed Bodo’s explosive energy to play and perform on stage, and after the event she and her renowned producer Liu Zhou invited Bodo to join their all-star team permanently in a band called “Beijing Guests.” Beijing Guests consists of:

  • Bodo Von Zingler: Bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer
  • Liu Jia Ning, known for his work with "Zhang Jie", "Xu Wei" and "The One", is a successful guitarist, singer and composer
  • Wang Lan: Known for his role in two of China's first heavy metal bands "Chao Zai" and "Shou Ren Band,” Wang Lan is a renown drummer and has worked with many big acts in China including Cui Jian and Dou Wei
  • Song Yu: Back up singer, lead guitarist, and composer
  • Wang Shi Ye: Famous pianist and studio musician who appears on numerous international TV programs

Performing with Tan Weiwei

Beijing Guests

This was the beginning of Tan Weiwei and Bodo’s musical collaboration and subsequent rise to stardom. After they toured throughout China and gained popularity, Tan Weiwei participated in the massively successful television competition “I’m A Singer,” and won first place with her song “Deng Ta” (The Tower). This elevated Beijing Guests to mega star level, and Bodo spent the following year touring sold out shows in Beijing, Xi’An, Shi Jia Zhuang, Changsha, and even two stadium concerts in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Following the tour, Tan Weiwei and Beijing Guests recorded an album in England with hit producer Julien Emery at Angelic studios, owned by legendary former Jamiroquai keyboardist, Toby Smith.

By the end of the year Beijing Guests were invited to participate in another competition called “Star of China.” Although Tan Weiwei didn’t win, the composition and performance of the song “Gei Ni Yidian Yanse" in partnership with the band Hua Yin Lao Qiang was a hit single in China.

As a direct result, Beijing Guests were given the great honor to play at the 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala watched by over 1 billion people worldwide, and their fame continued to grow.

Rise to Stardom

Following Beijing Guests Spring Festival Gala performance, Bodo has toured and recorded with Tan Weiwei consistently for nearly 4 years, taking part in festivals and Galas all over China.

To this day, Bodo is Tan Weiwei’s first choice to tour with and record music together, and he is credited for creatively collaborating on a number of songs with her listened to by over 1 billion people. Below is a full list of their tours, events, TV appearances, and competitions after their appearance at the 2016 Spring Festival Gala.

2016 Spring Wave Festival: Taipei, Shanghai, Wuhan, and Guangzhou

2016 Pinggu Festival: Beijing

2016 Forest Festival: Nanjing

2016 LETV Festival: Chengdu

2016 Tan Wei Wei Harbin Tour: 12 cities throughout China

2016 Hunan TV “Golden Eagle” Film Festival: Performed hit song “Gei Ni Yidian Yanse”

2017 Full Gold List Awards: Beijing

2017 “The Next Big Thing”: Live performance and live stream for the hit Internet show

2018 37th Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony: Nominated to perform the hit track “Mo Shang Hua Kai” in front of every major Hong Kong Film director

2018 Tan Weiwei Tour: Wenzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Donghai and Hangzhou

2018 “Sound Of My Dream”: Invited to perform on the highly promoted TV Broadcast

2018 New Year’s Gala: Zhejiang and Hunnan TV


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