Bodo von Zingler has lead or joined over a half dozen different musical projects throughout his decades long musical career. These are some of those.

Tan Weiwei & Beijing Guests

Tan WeiWei is one of the biggest and most recognizable pop stars in China. She frequently sells out arenas full of 30,000 people, her hit songs “Gei Ni Yi Dian Yan Se” “Wu Lan Ba Tuo De Ye” have been streamed millions of times, and she is well regarded by critics and fans alike.

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Armissan stems from Bodo’s early days in China studying at Sichuan University in 2004, where he was first introduced to French musician Sébastien Debande during the fall semester.

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Eatable Freakballs

With a style as funky and unusual as their name suggests, Eatable Freakballs was Bodo’s first successful band and would lay the musical blueprint for his later international accomplishments.

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Fnky Smthng

Fnky Smthing emerged in the aftermath of Eatable Freakballs when bassist/guitarist Bodo von Zingler and vocalist Martin Breuer decided to experiment with even more forms of musical expression beyond rock and roll.

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Infinite Eight

Infinite Eight is the combined effort of bassist Bodo Von Zingler and vocalist Ramon Colon, both formerly of the band Red Water. After touring and creating music together for over ten years, the two musicians decided to combine their efforts and work on an original studio album in May 2016.

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Red Water

The seeds for Red Water were planted in the early Hemp House jams of Chengdu in 2006 and germinated into full musical fruition over the following decade. To date, Red Water has played approximately fifteen hundred shows all over Southern China with both original material and cover band content.

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Gramaphonetics emerged from humble origins but with ambitious dreams in 2000, when hometown friends and musical collaborators Bodo von Zingler, Heinz Martin Breuer (Marty B), and Lee Thomas Taylor (Easy Lee) began scratching old gramophone records taken from the trash and letting them run on different speeds and tempos.

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The Trouble

Bodo’s appropriately titled ska band “The Trouble” (Re Chao Bo) is composed of six people, six instruments, and a lot of attitude. As a band they are not afraid to shout about issues in a country that often is very shy, and as a musical experience they introduced these same quiet citizens to a genre they had never heard before, Ska music.

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